MAY 06
World Cup fever is here! We got together with good friends Paul and Jerry from the england agency, and decided to have a go at a football song.

Bo Selecta!'s new USA guise is unveiled in the form of a Christmas special called 'Avid Merrion: American Sicko'. We've just produced music to go with the brand new titles. Click for video.

We've just recently finished working on music for the forthcoming Channel 4 programme 'Rajan and the Evil Hypnotists'. It's a comedy with a hypnotist who gets his subjects into unusual situations whilst they're under his influence.

Following on from the Channel 4 christmas special 'A Bear's Christmas Tail', we have just finished working on music for the series, broadcast this summer.

In March we worked on the excellent new BBC 3 comedy 'High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman'. At the end of each episode Shirley (Marc Wootton) performed a song 'written' by dead celebrities such as John lennon and Roy Orbison. We wrote and produced a series of soundalikes for this section, including 'Imagine' and 'New York, New York', to fit to lyrics provided – as well providing vocal arrangments for the accomanying choir (Citizen X).


JAN 09
Walker's Crisps
'Do us a Flavour'

Walker's have just launched a competition to design new flavours of crisps. We created music for their viral campaign, including news themes, classical, mexican and a 'Rocky' soundalike. This was for Blink Films. Click for Walker's website.


  SEP 08
I Love NY Bagels

NY virals have a viral campaign where you can send messages to your loved ones. This featured a 70s style Isaac Hayes/Barry White track. Click pic to create your own message now.

FEB 08
We've just finished working on the theme tune for UKTV Gold's new programme 'When Were We Funniest?' Comedy junkies are in for a treat this year as the show will be delving into five decades' worth of classic sketches and sitcoms. But which of these decades, from the Sixties to the Noughties, deserves to be named the funniest of all time? Click for titles.

Click here for more info on the show





JAN 08
Marc Wootton Exposed, a new sketch show on BBC three takes us behind the posed portraits of a photographer's studio and into the lives of Marc's deluded comical characters.

Along with the usual incidental tracks, the show features a couple of musical characters that we worked on songs for. Rufus, a privileged rich boy who wants to be a rapper after hearing 50 Cent; and Pip, a transatlantic singer-songwriter (pictured), who embodies all that is pretentious, annoying and Emo. We even got to be part of Pip's live band, so watch out for us in a forthcoming episode. Check out the BBC Three website for info and to watch the current episode.

JAN 08
Soda Pop! (our classic No. 5 single...) performed by multiple 'Craig Davids' on Big Brother Celebrity Hijack.

We were asked by Brighter Pictures/Endemol UK for an instrumental remix as Leigh Francis took over the big brother house. The housemates were requested to walk, talk and sing like 'Craig David' as part of their task... Click here to see what happened,,,

MAY 07
IT Crowd Season 2, ep 1: Roy and Moss manage to get themselves included on Jen's date with Philip on Six. Things take a turn for the worse when Phillip gets them tickets to 'Gay' - a gay musical featuring sing-a-long classics like 'I'm a Friend of Dorothy', and 'I Love Willies'. Classic Earshot songs... Click for vid.

Following on from the last Bo Christmas special, there is now a full length series starting on Fri Oct 13. Now called 'Bo in the USA', it has a brand new title sequence and theme tune. Click for video